Project sites


We are very pleased to have the following farms and farmers involved in the Action on the Ground Project and the adaptive management strategies using Landscape Function Analysis (LFA) to monitor progress.



Colin Seis and Nick Seis

Winona, located in the Central Tablelands of NSW is a leading breeder of Fine and Medium Wool Merino Sheep and Australian Kelpie Dogs and produces and supplies native grass seeds. 

Colin Seis is well known for his involvement with Daryl Cluff in the development and fine-tuning of Pasture Cropping which is a practice that seeks to improve the production of good quality pasture (including native perennial grasses) and grains at low cost and risk.

Winona is managed for high levels of ecological function and research done by scientists on Winona has found that it has very high levels of biodiversity and healthy soil including high soil organic Carbon levels. 

Colin and Nick have kindly provided a Treatment site on Winona to run the trial and control areas and look forward to working with the team to trial and demonstrate the AotG practices.